Pet Sitting Dog Walking North Dallas says now is the time to plan for care for your furry family members while you are on vacation this summer.

Next week is Memorial Day which kicks off the unofficial beginning of summer.  You have probably thought about your vacation plans, but have you made arrangements for your best friend’s care while you are away?  Your pet will be most comfortable staying in its own environment while you are away.  Not only will you and your pet be less stressed by avoiding the hassles associated with taking your pet to the kennel, but he will appreciate getting to sleep in his usual spot (his bed or your bed), play with his own toys and having your familiar smell all around.

Dogs, like people, enjoy having their own routines (feeding, walking, playing).  A pet sitter ensures that your dog’s normal routine is continued while you are away.  Do you have any unusual, possibly eccentric, things that you do for your dog like:  give her three of one kind of treat in the morning and two of another before bed, or put ice cubes in her water, or mix three different types of food together and heat it in the microwave for 12 seconds?  These are just a few of the special requests that pet sitters carry out every day to ensure continuity for your pet.

As you make your summer plans, remember to call a pet sitter so:

Pet Sitting Dog Walking North Dallas service provider Pampered Pups Dog Sitting gives pet owners peace of mind when they must be away from their furry family members.  In addition to full-scale pet sitting, Pampered Pups offers daily walks for dogs whose owners work long hours or must otherwise be gone for extended periods.

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