Pet Sitting Dog Walking North Dallas advises you to be cautious about Summer Hazards to your dog. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your dog, but there are certain hazards you must avoid.

Some of the most common problems are:

Overheating is an obvious problem dogs can encounter in the summer.    If you are uncomfortably hot, you can assume
your dog is also.  Most dogs will rest when they get too hot, but it is important to provide cool water and shade for your furry companion.  Most importantly:  NEVER, EVER leave your dog in a car, even with the windows down, even for a few minutes.  Just don’t do it!

Another area of caution is when you are barbecuing.  Even more than humans, dogs are attracted to the smell of meat cooking.  Grills can drip hot grease, and some dogs may even try to smell or lick a hot grill.

Sunburn can be an issue with hairless (or near hairless) dogs.  Some owners give their dogs a short, summer haircut, but don’t let your dog get shaved.  If your dog is hairless (by nature or groomer), then spray him with a sunblock like you would yourself.

Would you walk barefoot on the hot sidewalk in the middle of the day?  Your dog should not either.   Paws can get burned by scorching cement.  To avoid burned paws, walk your dog early in the morning, late at night or walk her on grass.

Drowning is another summer concern for dog owners with a pool or those who take their dogs to a lake.  Dogs can naturally swim, but they should never be left unattended around water.  Very young or elderly dogs can accidentally fall in water, and they, as well as any other dog, may have trouble finding their way out of a pool or lake.

With these sensible precautions, summer can be a very enjoyable time for you and your furry companion.

Pet Sitting Dog Walking North Dallas service provider Pampered Pups Dog Sitting gives pet owners peace of mind when they must be away from their furry family members.  In addition to full-scale pet sitting, Pampered Pups offers daily walks for dogs whose owners work long hours or must otherwise be gone for extended periods.

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