This is a letter from PSI, Pet Sitters International, the professional pet sitting organization to which Pampered Pups belongs to. It eloquently expresses what all of us in the industry are feeling during this difficult time. 

Pet Sitters International (PSI) was founded in 1994 and over the years we’ve received countless emails and phone calls from pet parents raving about the pet sitter or dog walker they’d found:

“I haven’t traveled in nearly a decade, but now that I have someone I can trust with my pet, I can!”

“My pet sitter alerted me to a potential health issue, and I was able to get my pet to the vet in time to avoid a life-threatening issue!”

“I don’t know how I would work these long hours without the peace of mind my dog walker provides!”

We hear stories like these daily and they often conclude with this sentiment: “I don’t know how I could ever repay my pet sitter for the peace of mind they bring!”

Professional pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses have provided trusted, reliable professional pet-services for tens of thousands of pet-owning households.

And now, pet owners have an unprecedented opportunity to repay the pet sitters and dog walkers they’ve been able to rely on all these years.

How? By continuing to use your pet sitter’s services (or continuing to pay them) during a time when travel bans and work from home orders have brought pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses to a virtual halt.

Your local pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses typically operate on very small margins and a significant loss of revenue can cause them to go out of business.

Your pet sitter likely won’t tell you this. Their primary concern—as always—is the wellbeing of your pets and on the service they provide to you—their valued client.

Though you booked your pet sitter months in advance, they likely quickly waived their cancellation policy and offered you a refund when you cancelled your trip last-minute amid coronavirus concerns. What your pet sitter didn’t share is that the anticipated revenue from your trip was needed for them to cover important business expenses, such as insurance—or maybe even their health-care premium or mortgage.

When you canceled your daily dog walks since you are temporarily working from home, your dog walker likely politely thanked you for letting them know and said to give them a call when you were ready to resume service. What your dog walker didn’t share is that virtually all their clients are canceling, and they are worried they will no longer be in business to offer dog walking once your normal work schedule resumes.

How can you help?

Now is your opportunity to repay your pet sitter or dog walker for all that they’ve done for you and your pets!

Your pet sitter or dog walker is likely such an integral part of your pet’s regular schedule and, in many cases, feels so much like family, that you may not even think about what they offer as a business. But your pet sitter is more than your trusted pet-care provider—he or she is also a small business owner, and business owners have been hard hit by this pandemic.

In weeks—or months—you will be able to resume your regular work schedule and re-schedule trips you’ve canceled.  When this happens you will need the services of your local professional pet-sitting or dog-walking business—but will they have remained in business during the interim?

Please continue to support and use the services of your local professional pet sitters and dog walkers. People’s livelihoods (and your continued access to reliable pet care) are depending on it!

We provide a FREE, no obligation consultation so you can meet the sitter and make sure the sitter bonds with your dog. We trust you will find your sitter to be caring, responsible, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and of course, have a great love of dogs.

Dog-Pet-Sitting-Walking-North-Dallas, your Pampered Pups Dog Sitter is insured, bonded, and a member of PSI, Pet Sitters International – the largest organization of its kind.

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