Could your dog’s favorite toy be a danger to their health? Like we mentioned in our last article, a bored dog is a destructive dog, which is why toys are an essential supply for pups of any age. Unfortunately, not all toys on the market are safe for dogs.


Take for example the ever so popular rawhide. Many toys contain rawhide, once considered the “ultimate material” for making dog toys. Rawhide is simply just a piece of leather that has been heavily treated with chemicals. These chemicals often include formaldehyde, ethoxyquin, arsenic and other harmful compounds. BHA and BHT are preservatives that can often be found in these chew toys, they are also known to cause cancer. Not only are the chemicals dangers but so is the material itself. Many dogs have to be taken to see a vet everyday due to pieces of rawhide causing blockages in the dogs’ stomach. It’s highly recommended to avoid anything containing rawhide.

            Many dog toys have hidden dangers as well. Such as balls with a single hole, which can easily cause suction to build up. Which can have dangerous or even deadly consequences. Most rubber balls made for dogs follow this safety guideline. However, some toys, such as tug toys will have rope strung through a hole in the ball. If the rope is torn off, it becomes a hazard due to only having one hole.

Luckily, there are many safe dog toys! The Human Society recommends toys such as the Kong. They make toys that are meant for heavy chewers. Some you can fill with treats as well, which will keep pups busy! Puzzle toys are also recommended, as well as “comfort” toys. These toys are things such as stuffed animals, or even your old t-shirts. These comfort toys aren’t meant for all dogs though and should be chosen carefully!

            When shopping for toys for your pup, a good piece of advice to follow is to treat it like you’re shopping for children’s toys. Look for any hidden dangerous, such as choking hazards or toxic chemicals. They are furry family members after all!