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Did you know, your pet could help cure cancer, introduced by – Dog-Pet-Sitting-Walking-North-Dallas

Texas veterinarians are setting up a registry to connect pets with cancer to human cancer researchers.  The researchers believe that diseased pets are better predictors than mice of the effectiveness of new cancer treatments for humans.

Dogs suffer from cancers that are nearly identical to those in humans but they spread and run their course quicker making for a more reliable process of whether a therapy will work.

Since housing dogs as research subjects would be costly, the idea of a registry to match owners with researchers is perfect.  The pet stays with its owner during the treatment period.

Owners of dogs and cats with cancer should register their pets at:  Registry staff will contact the pet’s vet for more information.

Of the 77.5 million dogs owned in the U.S. a fourth will develop cancer including:  bone, breast, pancreas, liver, prostate, lung and skin.  Owners increasingly want to treat them even though the cost can be prohibitive.

Even given the benefits of studying pets, lab mice will never be replaced as cancer test models.  Mice are perfect for engineering genetic impairments and studying precisely targeted genes or pathways suspected to be involved in a disease.  Mice, also, are better for establishing initial safety which is important before experimenting with pets.

Future registries are planned for heart and kidney disease also.

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