Pampered Pups Dog Sitting At Your Service!

Here at Pampered Pups Dog Sitting, we are almost surprised by how many people do not realize how much we do outside of dog walks. Not only do we do dog walks, but we also of course pet sit along with other services. It appears that those who use us for dog walking neglect to notice that we do pet sit, and vice versa. Therefore, we thought it appropriate to go ahead and list out our services in detail below! 

Dog Walking

                We love, love, love having our daily client walks! Perhaps it’s a busy time at work and you do not have time to go home and let Fido out at lunch, or perhaps you feel like a good walk in the afternoon before you get home would relax Spot and get out his extra energy. Pampered Pups is here for you. We have regular clients who use our walking services three to five times a week.  Discounted rates are offered for more than three walks a week on an on-going basis.

Dog/Pet Sitting

                 In addition to our dog walking we do offer pet sitting, naturally. Perhaps there was a last minute trip or emergency that came up, or business took you away for an extended period of time, and you need someone to look after your pet since the kennels closed for the day, etc. There are many reasons that pet sitters are needed, such as staying in the comfort of their own home and not having to go to a strange environment of a kennel, and happily we are here for you. This also includes the normal vacations you would like to go on but perhaps do not know what to do with your furry or even scaly family members. (We do pet sit for more than just dogs; our clientele in the past has included cats, rabbits, turtles, chameleons, chickens and even a goat!).


But what if you are not sure that visiting a few times during the day is enough? Or perhaps you would feel comfortable knowing that someone can be there to watch out for your house and you pet? Well, we do over overnight stays! Yes! This includes an evening and morning walk for you pooch, along with the normal services we offer like plant watering, bringing in the newspaper/mail, watching over other pets in the household, and staying overnight for the comfort of your pet and your own peace of mind.  

Puppy Sitting

This is a new service that we offer here at Pampered Pups, puppy sitting! If you have gone through the experience of raising a puppy into the loving family member, you know how much energy and time that goes with that. It feels like every three hours you are going outside with your puppy so that you can avoid that messy cleanup later on (we’ve all been there!). Well, Pampered Pups is here to save the day! Or at least save you some stress and grief later on. We do puppy sit, we do come over and let your new puppy out and start leash training even. 

Other Services

Other services that we provide are house sitting, house watching, watering plants, taking in mail and/or newspapers.  We have even let clients into their house when they have locked themselves out (once on Christmas Morning).

We hope that this broadens your sense of what all Pampered Pups can do for you, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us or browse our website F&Q.