Keep Your Pup Comfortable

While You're Away

Arrange for professional pet sitting services in Dallas, TX

Wouldn't it be great to leave your best friend in the care of a loving dog sitter who'll pamper them in the comfort of their own environment? Now you can with Pampered Pups Dog Sitting in Dallas, TX. Our pet sitting service offers personalized care to meet your dog's individual needs and maintain their normal routine. We'll walk, feed, medicate, brush, pamper and play with your dog while you're away.

We'll also bring in mail, newspapers and packages, water plants, turn lights on and off, open and close the drapes and more. What a great safety feature to give your house that lived-in look while you're away.

Think of everything you will save the next time you go out of town

Your next trip will be a breeze when you get in-home pet care services. You'll be able to:

  • Save the struggle of getting your dog in and out of a carrier to go to the kennel
  • Save your dog the unhappiness of staying in an unfamiliar environment
  • Save on extra kennel fees when you arrive home after kennel hours
  • Save time and gasoline going to and from the kennel
  • Save you and your dog from a lot of stress

We also have a Lunch Buddies program that provides mid-day playtime for your dog while you're at work. This is especially great for young pups who can't wait eight hours or more before going outside.

In addition, it'll ease your mind to know that your dog is getting some quality playtime rather than being bored and lonely all day. Bored dogs can easily become destructive dogs. Avoid the stress for both of you by reaching out to our pet sitting service today.