Beat the Heat










Here at Pampered Pups Dog Sitting, with it being summertime, we wanted to share some tips and hacks for everyone who has a beloved pet. Everyone loves to play and relax on vacation in these summer months, but you should keep your pet’s safety (and yours) in mind while also having a fun time!

Cool Treats

One great way to deal with the heat is responding with something cold, like placing some of your pets favorite toys (rubber or plastic preferably) in the freezer so that they can gnaw away at the coolness once their everyday toy turns into a magical frozen treat, or an even more fun idea are to create pupsicles like these or these. There are a ton of recipes and other frosty treat ideas out on the internet. 

Water Fun

Now, obviously water should be available to your pet, especially in these hot times, but kick it up a notch! Get a kiddie pool from your local dollar store or Walmart, fill it up outside, and watch your dogs have a blast. Be prepared if you are in the ‘splash zone’!

Walk Wiser

When walking your pooch, make sure to do so sensibly. Pick times during the day that are cool, such as the early morning or even late evenings. If the cement of the sidewalk is too hot for your feet, it is said that it is too hot for your dog’s, so make sure that if you walk outside when it is hot to have your dog try to walk on the grass. Also, if you are going for an extended length of walking, invest in a portable dog bowl, and take some water for you and your pet.


Keep in mind the limits of the breed of dog you have as well; for example, a Chinese Crested or any hairless dog needs sunscreen protection whenever it is outside, and long haired dogs or dark haired dogs should not stay outside for too long due to how quickly the heat gets to them. Same circumstances apply for any dogs with breathing difficulties such as pugs or pekinese, cut their walks shorter and try to walk them when it is not so hot outside, and of course keep them hydrated!

Feel free to comment or contact us if you would like more tips or have any questions on the ones listed above. These are just basic and general tips, but we are sure that there are a lot of fun things to keep your pets safe and cool this summer.