Beat the Heat: PART 2

Here at Pampered Pups Dog Sitting, with it being summertime, we wanted to share some tips and hacks for everyone who has a beloved pet. So here is part two to our Beat the Heat series, to help every pet parent and owner break through the blazing hot summer months with easy and simple tricks. 

Frozen Fun

Last time, we mentioned some cool treats like freezing some of their toys or making ‘pupsicles’, but there are many more ways to incorporate the cold into your summer fun. But there are also other things that can be easy to do for your dog, such as giving them ice cubes as treats or in their water dish. Or perhaps getting some old dish rags, soaking them with water or perhaps chicken broth, and freezing those for a hot day. For more ideas, here are some simple Frozen Treats for Your Pet

Also, for some more frozen treats for your furry pet, you can look here and here

Cool Destinations

So, we talked about treats, we even talked about kiddie pools for your beloved pooch, but how about going away to find some water action?? With all this rain the past months, the lakes make a perfect puppy destination- for you, and your dog! White Rock Lake and Lake Dallas are just a few nearby lake get aways that are dog friendly, and if you feel adventurous here is a list of dog friendly places in or around Dallas. So, be it the lake, or finding a cool spot from that list, you and your pooch can have a great time this summer while staying cool. 

In addition, try looking into your local area for dog friendly, cool, events such as splash days or dog washes. I know that the Richardson Animal Shelter had a dog wash just last month, and advertise dog splash days around town. So just keep an eye out! 

Heat Avoidance

We are sure that you have seen pictures and signs with the heat indicator of how hot it gets when you leave your dog in the car (on a side note, please, please, please do NOT leave your dog in the car), there are other ways you can help negate heat for your dog. After being in water, or somehow your dog gets wet, make sure to dry them off thoroughly. It might seem like a good idea to leave them wet, but if you put them off in a warm place, the wet fur combines with the heat, and this acts as a sauna. Also, to reiterate, it is also a nice treat to leave some ice chips or cubes in their water bowl, or just watch them play with a few cubes on your kitchen floor.


These are a few thoughtful things you can do for your dog, that they will enjoy, and be a cooler and better dog for it. If you have any suggestions or tips, or even some critiques, make sure to leave a comment below or go to our Facebook page.