Dog Sitting North Dallas Unleashed on Off Leash

Last time on Pet Sitting Dog Walking North Dallas, we discussed pet sitting versus kennels. Now here at Pampered Pups Dog Sitting, we not only cover pet sitting, but also dog walking. We are that multi-talented! But in all seriousness, we would love to bring up an issue that we face almost weekly during our dog walks: Dogs Off Leash.

Now, we have struggled with writing this blog due to the fact that it usually turns into a tyrant of ranting, so after about three edits we have determined to make a list of reasons why dogs should NOT be off leash. 


It’s illegal in many states

  • Leash laws do exist! For example, in Oklahoma all dogs must be on leash if not on private property and there are certain regulations on leash type and length. 

Dogs running away

  • Accidents do happen, and even if you think your dog is obedient to a fault- that one time they see another dog/cat/rodent/car/person that drives them to run two blocks away.

Dog fights

  • Again, your dog might be the best dog in the whole wide world that never, ever fights or acts aggressive. But, even dogs have bad days, and they might see another dog that just sets them off.
  • Plus, if your dog does get into a fight, if there was a leash in the mix, you could have some leverage to break it up. 

Strange Dogs

  • Okay, this is our big point! Just because you know you’re dog, and perhaps they are so sweet and love all animals and humans no matter how strange or familiar they are- You still don’t know how our dogs will react. 


I know that it is tempting to have your best friend (your dog) off leash, free to roam around and just hang while you garden or spend time outside in the front, but please keep the above in mind next time you are tempted to skip out on the leash. Accidents do happen, and dogs, like people, can be unpredictable. Also, if you just do not want to bother with a leash, perhaps use some dog friendly lining to keep your dog close on and free to roam, but also that you can step on it if your dog starts to run out of the yard. Just as a precaution.