International Cat Day - Everything About Cats

It’s another purrfect day in the summertime because it’s finally International Cat Day!! What fun! To celebrate the day, today’s blog is going to examine the domestication and origins of cats, as well as their ancestors, the iconic big cats (think lions and cheetahs), and it will even include some extremely interesting fun facts! 

Around 3600 years ago the process to domesticate cats began. Cats were originally welcomed into the homes of those who lived in Egypt in an effort to keep the dangerous snakes, who also roamed the land, away.

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Cats eventually followed their own circle of life and began willingly choosing to live with humans in 4000 B.C. They would search the towns inhabited by humans in hopes of finding food or eating mice and rats.

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Although for a while it was illegal to bring cats to various countries, eventually in 500 A.D they were introduced to different areas and shared with other civilizations.

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When ships were sent over to America during the 1700’s cats were also on board those ships to keep the rat and mice population down and also to keep diseases to a minimum.

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Eventually the idea of having these wonderful animals as pets came around during the 1800’s and ever since they have been wonderful companions and thousands of breeds have come into existence. 

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Now onto the fun facts about cats! 

  • On average cats spend around 70% of their lives sleeping which equals out to about 13 to 16 hours per day. The time they do spend awake they are often cleaning themselves and working on grooming, as they are very tidy creatures. 

  • Cats also only meow to humans and never one another. 

  • Since cats cannot actually chew, this creates the noticeable grinding motion they make when eating, displaying their disability.

  • Cats are one of the only mammals who cannot taste sweetness. 

  • Cats walk with their right feet (front and back) first and then they move both of their left feet while continuing with this motion. 

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