National Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day


September 13th: National Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day


Happy Tuesday to our Pampered Pups Dog Sitting Community! Today we’ll be recognizing those pets with an extra special place in our hearts, those who are born with differences, known as birth defects. 


Many of these birth defects are minor and resolve as puppies or kittens get older, however, others prevent a typical development pattern and also prohibit normal functioning, sometimes even causing death. To worsen this harsh aspect of birth defects, many pet owners do not notice their fur babies’ defects until later on.


What can cause birth defects in both puppies and kittens? 


Often birth defects are caused by nutritional disorders, diseases contracted by the mothers, chemical toxins, as well as hereditary issues. Some animals also carry recessive genes just like humans which can cause specific birth defects to occur. Issues during the mother’s pregnancy can also take a toll on their babies growing inside them. Additionally, if the mother does not have enough nutrients to supply to her and her babies, they can develop malformations. 


How are birth defects treated?


Most animals can live happy and healthy lives even with the effects of their birth defects. It is still recommended that their defects are treated and they are taken to the vet to create a treatment plan. Veterinarians can establish personal treatment plans which can also enhance your pets quality of life and ensure they are living life to the fullest. 


How should you choose a healthy pet?


Choosing a pet is a critical part of their own health and your own mental stability, as it leads to how you will both be living later on. Before you choose a breed, educate yourself and research certain tendencies or trends in their breeds and compare those to other pets you are considering. For example, you can also research their lineage and trace back to generations with possible detectable defects. Typically vets will be able to make observations on the pets' conditions and determine if genetic screening is appropriate. These genetic screening tests are completely necessary in determining certain conditions in animals.


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