Pet Sitting or Boarding? Dog Sitting North Dallas

Pet Sitting Dog Walking North Dallas says, with summer around the corner, people are anticipating breaks from school and work to go on vacation. But, what is in store for your furry companions?

Now, for those planning on taking their pets with them on vacation, more power to you! However, we all know that cannot always be the case. So now, back to the main question, what plans should be made for your pets? Most will have to decide on whether to hire a pet sitter to come and care for your pets, or board them at the local kennel (if there is a local kennel near you) for those days you will be out of town. 

Both options might seem alien to you. What benefits are there in either case? What are the risks? Most importantly, which choice gives the best experience for both you and your pet?

Kennels have their Pros and Cons

Kennels are great for dogs who love being around other animals. They have runs and social recreational time, and can be checked on throughout the day. However, the pets are usually left in their concrete and wired kennels alone at night, are in a new environment with a different schedule, are around foreign dogs and alien kennel employees, and it depends on the kennel on how accommodating they are to special requests for your pet. Not to mention some kennels have fees for late pick ups after hours; and the more animals there are to board, the heftier the kennel bill will become…

Pet Sitters are all the rage!

Sure, we are a bit biased here at Pampered Pups, but there are really a plethera of pros when choosing pet sitters. Pet sitters offer personalized, flexible choice when caring for your pet when you are on a trip. All in the comfort of their own home! No foreign environment to get adjusted to, and no strange dogs or animals to try and integrate with. Personally, I live with and love my introverted dog, but she does not like other dogs or strangers! Not to mention that pet sitters are open minded about caring for pets outside the normal dog or cat. 

We also are flexible and more than happy to follow any special instructions that come with caring for your furry friend. Does Angel get three spoonfulls of wet dog food to mix in her one cup of dry? While Ricky gets a half cup of warm water into his three cups of dry dog food? Are there special routines that your pet likes to go through at the end of the day, like getting a dog treat on their pillow? We are happy to follow through with any specific details to make your pet feel more comfortable while you are away! 

Now of course, it depends on the circumstances and your pet, but common logic points to hiring a pet sitter as the best choice when it comes to caring for your animal. They have the comforts of home, their own domain, and the routines that they are comfortable with. Pets, like humans, like that security of familiarity.