Puppy Mill Awareness Day


September 17 - Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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Perhaps one of the most relevant topics in the dog owning world today and the source of many genetic issues and contagious diseases, puppy mills have attracted quite an audience in recent years, as exposure to their true identity has been revealed. Originally they were an extreme secret in the pet industry, deceiving many people to buy a seemingly normal puppy for an acceptable price. However what was often covered up in these sorts of transactions were the effects on the mothers of the animals being sold and the all around lack of priority in their health and wellbeing. 


What do Puppy Mills entail? 


In almost all puppy mills, the mother animals are overbred and left with little to no time to normally recover between the litters they source. This very inhumane method of breeding contradicts what is depicted in so many pet stores which sell beautiful puppies. When the mothers are no longer viewed as useful in the breeding industry, they are quickly euthanized. 


Not only are the mothers treated poorly but the overproduction of puppies leads many of them to later end up in shelters, spending the rest of their lives caged away or slowly dying, creating a reason for many activists against puppy mills to encourage adoption. Additionally, the conditions in puppy mills  are despicable. The dogs often live in cramped cages stacked on top of one another. They are not let out to play or use the restroom and they are hardly fed as well, causing both the mother dogs and puppies to frequently die. The animals also endure conditions such as ear infections, dehydration, blindness caused by sickness, tooth decay, and injured feet due to the cages they are left in. 


One of the most heartbreaking details, which has been revealed in recent years, is the fact of the collars of most of the dogs becoming so deeply ingrained in the pets’ skin, they had to be surgically cut out and removed. The conditions and careless maintainers of puppy mills have become progressively worse, as there is no cleanup and the dogs often harbor disease and illness by living with their waste. Focusing solely on profits, the future of puppy mills is held in the hands of those who support them. When the purchase of animals from inhumane places ceases,  so will the output and effect of puppy mills on the world. 


How are puppy mills still legal?


While many have attempted to work towards a world without the existence of puppy mills, in most states puppy mills are still considered legal organizations. However, while not much can currently be done to slow down the production and work of puppy mills, you can encourage anyone you know to either purchase their pet from a reputable breeder or adopt a pet from a renowned local shelter, as so many pets are in need of warm loving homes. 


The federal government has utterly failed to protect the public from the danger from buying a furry friend from puppy mills as well. People are still purchasing dogs from puppy mills and thus keeping those large scale companies in business. The outdated regulations of pet breeding are in a dramatic need of a revamp, and the public needs to join together in order to advocate for that. The owners of these puppy mills treat their animals the same as cattle and therefore don’t have any reasoning or reprimanding, which would stop their business. They are stronger than ever and with the lack of education about the reality of the pet industry, they will continue to create issues while profiting off of the public. Work now to stop the business of puppy mills today by donating to reputable charities and shelters, which work to rescue the endangered pets.


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